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Directors/Directing: Conversations on Theatre (Capa Dura)


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Maria Shevtsova

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Insightful, in-depth and evocative, this is a collection of conversations with nine of the most innovative theatre directors of our time in Europe and North America: ? Eugenio Barba ? Lev Dodin ? Declan Donnellan ? Elizabeth LeCompte ? Robert LePage ? Simon McBurney ? Katie Mitchell ? Peter Sellars ? Max Stafford-Clark. All these directors have developed their own highly individual theatre language and have been influential, nationally and internationally, across a wide range of theatre practices. The length, depth and scope of the discussions distinguishes this collection from others, each director providing a fascinating insight into his/her particular working processes. The book reveals the complex world of directors and their creative relationships with actors, in rehearsal and performance, and playwrights. Each conversation is framed by an introduction to the work of the director, a detailed chronology of productions and an indicative bibliography to inspire further reading and research.


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