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Every Day Words To Remember: Every Day Words To Remember (Capa Dura)

Yen Ngan
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Positive thoughts become positive words are very important in our daily lives, which are ideals, dreams, goals, imagination, inspiration, self-confidence, and happy feelings that come from the heart. This book is filled with unique words of inspiration, hope, happiness, encouragement, and you will see the positive outlook in life with open doors and possibilities. These every day words will inspire you to believe in yourself and encourage the strength that is within your heart and soul. Every Day Words to Remember is an amazing combination of colorful landscape artwork and meaningful quotes. Motivate yourself to strive and know where to look for the path that begins a wonderful journey. Celebrate the simple things in life, believe in yourself, treasure what you have, and be thankful for every day, then you will see many smiles in this world and find the things that make you happy.


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