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Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, Email, Text, and Cold Calling (Capa Dura)


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Jeb Blount
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Ditch the failed sales tactics, fill your pipeline, and crush your number. Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, Email, Text, & Cold Calling is a straight forward, no-holds-barred guide that explains the why and how behind the most important activity in sales - prospecting . Let''s face it: salespeople rarely fail due to lack of talent, experience, training, or luck. Not the economy, poor territories, bad bosses, inferior products and services, unscrupulous competitors, or high prices. The number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipe, and the number one cause of an empty pipe is the lack of consistent prospecting activity. Lots of salespeople possess drive and the hunger to succeed. Lots of salespeople have the intelligence, skills, and training they need to become top performers. Lots of salespeople are competitive, understand the sales process, know how to build relationships, and close the sale. Yet they consistently underperform. This is what leaves so many salespeople and executives scratching their heads and wondering why some salespeople consistently crush their number while so many other talented reps lag behind. It''s why prospecting is the top concern of leaders from CEOs to front line sales managers. It''s why HR managers are frustrated that their expensive hiring assessments aren''t as predictive of sales success as promised. It''s why legions of academic researchers spin their wheels searching for the holy grail of sales that they believe will magically turn all salespeople into top performers; and why corporate executives eagerly consume their false promises. It''s why CSOs and Sales VPs chase one fad after another, desperately clinging to the latest expert who wins the annual "that''s-old-school" beauty contest in hopes of reviving their failing sales organization. It''s why so many salespeople yearn for the secret to gaining income stability yet, that secret always seems just out of reach. So instead of focusing time and attention on the root causes of their sales performance problems, far too many salespeople and leaders spin their wheels on flavor-of-the-day patches that frustratingly never seem to make a difference. Yet modern sales training programs rarely offer deep dive training on prospecting. It is as if salespeople are supposed to come to the job with the innate ability to open new doors, a comprehensive set of prospecting techniques, and the mental toughness to sustain unrelenting rejection. While frustrated sales leaders push hard on salespeople to build stronger pipes - in many cases with yelling, screaming, and threatening - salespeople often just throw their hands in the air and give up because they simply don''t know what to do. Using his trademark stories and down to earth style, Jeb Blount removes the veil of mystery and cuts through the hyperbole surrounding prospecting. His innovative approach to prospecting teaches the skills required to be effective and efficient at prospecting while balance prospecting activities inside the busy sales day. For salespeople, Fanatical Prospecting is the secret weapon you''ve been seeking and will give you a real and lasting competitive edge. For sales leaders, the book is as a training resource that will aide you in teaching and coaching your salespeople to drive massive revenue growth. You''ll learn: How to leverage a balanced prospecting methodology across multiple prospecting channels to keep the pipeline full of qualified opportunities. Why the Law of Replacement and 30-Day Rule annihilate sales slumps. How to leverage the 3 C''s of Social Selling to cross the Familiarity Threshold and get prospects calling you. A super easy 5 Step Telephone Prospecting Process that blasts through resistance and objections to help you gain more appointments and sales, fast. How to double your call backs using a simple but powerful voicemail technique. The confidence to quickly get past reflex responses, brush-offs, and objections using the 3 Step Turn-around Technique The 4 Step Email Prospecting Framework for building powerful emails that get opened. The 7 Keys to Creating Prospecting Text Messages that convert prospects into customers. Get more done in less time, reduce stress, and blast through the procrastination, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis that are holding you back with the 7 Elements of Effective Time, Resource, and Territory Management The 7 Mindsets of Top Earners and the real secret to reaching the top of the sales profession. And . . . so much more. It''s time to get off the get off the feast or famine sales roller-coaster for good! Fanatical Prospecting is the perfect catalyst for breaking the cycle of frustration, stress, and failure that so many modern salespeople feel. The tools in this book will help you fill the pipeline with high qualify opportunities, become a top performer, and lock in the high income you deserve.


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