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Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis (Capa Dura)


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If you've picked up this book, you probably recognize the value of fundamental analysis, but aren't sure you can master it. With Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis as your guide, you'll quickly become familiar with the key concepts and learn how to put them into action in the real world. You'll gain important insights that can help you manage risk and make more informed investment decisions and learn from relevant illustrations, examples, and definitions. Written in a non-technical format that's easy to follow, Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis provides valuable coverage of: the audited statement.finding financial information online.the process of confirmation.balance sheet and income statement ratios.the P/E ratio and how to use the combination of fundamental analysis with technical methods creates a powerful strategy. More than an introduction to fundamental analysis, this book will help you use analytical tools in identifying risk levels, making valid and reliable comparisons, and picking stocks for your portfolio so you develop a successful and profitable investment program.


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