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Mad Max Fury Road (Capa Dura)


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Lee Bermejo
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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The same minds behind the summer's breakout hit, Mad Max: Fury Road -writer-director George Miller, cowriter Nico Lathouris and cowriter-storyboard artist Mark Sexton-present this series of prequel tales set within the world of the blockbuster film In the brutal and lawless Wasteland, witness the rise of the veteran hero turned tyrannical warlord known as Immortan Joe, along with the story of one of his War Boys, the indomitable Nux. Then follow the journey of Furiosa, Joe's most feared Imperator, and experience the cycle of violence and tragedy as the Road Warrior Max Rockatansky fights to rebuild his Interceptor-the vehicle that ensures his freedom Finally, exclusive to this collection, comes the tale of the mighty War Rig and the lives it claimed throughout its wild road battles This graphic novel collects MAD MAX: FURY ROAD-MAX #1-2, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD-FURIOSA #1 and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD-NUX & IMMORTAN JOE #1.


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