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Stop Talking About Wellbeing (Capa Dura)

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As statistical figures of teachers leaving the profession reaches an alarming level, and teachers' mental health becomes a fundamental concern, wellbeing has been pushed to the top of the national agenda in a bid for schools to consider how to look after their staff.However, wellbeing has become a tokenistic feature within the education sector, as staff participate in compulsory wellbeing-linked activities that have very little impact on their workload or their ability to do what they came into the profession to do: teach young people. With this book, Kat aims to flip the narrative on wellbeing completely.In a critical consideration of research both in and outside of education, Kat explores the key factors of a teacher's role within school, outlining a series of tools that teachers can use to take ownership of their workload, and achieve wellbeing through purposeful job fulfilment. Interviewing experts in the educational sector, Kat provides practical strategies for teachers in a bid to drive instrumental change to workload within schools at a grassroots level, but additionally, a range of case studies for teachers to use to challenge the norm so that we can create a profession built to last.


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