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The Martingale-Tabone Fusion Betting System: For Baccarat and Roulette and all 50:50 games of chance with two betting options (Capa Dura)

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When casino gamblers enter the Martingale bubble they do not want to stop. They need to carry on with the chase because the prize is no longer the 1 unit gain but the urgency to recover their losses. The adrenaline kicks in and the prevalent question in the minds of players asks, "what if the next outcome happens to be the one that ends the streak?" They do not want to lose out on recovering the value of their increasing outlay and the prize; that small 1 unit profit. It is a mixed emotion of excitement, fear and a drive to stay in the game, betting until the end, whether all is lost or little gained. Though of course a win feels big given that the true reward is not the 1 unit gain but the recovery of their total outlay. This chase and the Martingale approach got me thinking how it could be improved in such a way as to bring about more certainty into the system without being exposed to too much risk. I developed my tweak of the Martingale system. The fusion of these tweaks works brilliantly. Now the risk is limited and/or the reward secured sooner. I believe I have developed a fusion that improves on the Martingale approach. I write 'approach' because this really is the key to solving what I see as the Martingale problem. I have achieved this in this book, 'The Martingale--Tabone Fusion Betting System'.


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